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Is the child not registered for marriage eligible for inheritance?

After the de cujus died.The problem that follows is who the legacy of the deceased belongs to. If the de cujus made a will, there would be less problems. Because it is said according to the will Which shows the intention before the death of the de cujus.But if the de cujus did not make a will, then he must sit and think that the assets and debts of the de cujus who are entitled to it. 

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How to collect debt not to break the law.

When we are creditors We shall have the right to notify the debtor to pay the debt. However, the Debt Collection Act 2015, which has been in effect since September 2, 2015. 
Is a law that has a compulsory framework for collecting debts of creditors. So both the debtor And creditors should study the details of this law. Otherwise, your debt collection may be illegal.

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