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Take the money from personal assets to build a house Is the house a marriage property?

The confidence that we will live together with someone until the decision to marry as husband and wife by registering the marriage in the district.

Another thing that both husbands and wives need to study so that there are no property problems in the future is Must know how to distinguish one's personal property and Marriage property Because money matters is no less important than the other person's temperament.

Personal property is the property of each party Not become joint ownership including property

  • that either party had before marriage
  • that is personal appliances the costume or body jewelry as appropriate or tools necessary for the occupation or profession of any spouse
  • acquired by either party during marriage, by inheritance or gratuitous
  • belonging to the engagement

Marriage property is property that is ownership by the spouse Half on each side Including property

  • The spouse acquired during the marriage
  • which either party has acquired during the marriage by will or by giving in writing when the will or a written notice states that it is marriage property
  • as a result of personal property


If the case is in doubt whether one of the assets is marriage property or not to be presumed to be marriage property


But there is one case where the husband used his personal property to buy the disputed land with buildings as a small house. There was only a roof, but there was no partition the marriage. And use personal grants to construct houses, garages, cowshed and waterfront pavilions on the land. Even during the construction of the husband and wife, the house would be disputed as the property of the husband and the former wife. You can't get it during your marriage. House dispute would be the property of the husband, according to Section 1472, paragraph one, the husband has the power to sue to expel the former wife from the home dispute and claim damages. According to the Supreme Court Judgment No. 145/2563.


Article translated by  Kanlayarat tantichawalitphong





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